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Instructor Crossover


We welcome you to DIWA family, DIWA offers diving instructors from other recognized dive training organizations the possibility to switch to DIWA through a crossover seminar. The assignment into the DIWA system is based on two factors:

·       Current skills and abilities as well as theoretical and practical knowledge and skills as divers and instructors.
·       According to generally accepted equivalence. There can be no claim to the assignment to a particular DIWA instructor level.

If there are minimal deviations in the prerequisites for the targeted instructor level (e.g. insufficient dives, minimum age not yet reached), the crossover participant is initially certified one level lower. Once the prerequisites have been fulfilled (e.g. minimum number of dives or age reached), the automatic accreditation is carried out for the initially targeted instructor level.

If a higher instructor level rather than the equivalent instructor level is targeted as part of a crossover, this is treated as training with the corresponding training record.

The main tasks available during the crossover seminar are:

·       DIWA's training system, safety standards, training guidelines and ethic standards, philosophy.
·       DIWA's certification system and documents.
·       Course contents and procedures (any differences are identified and discussed).

If you wish to crossover, please send your C-Card photocopy to us: hq@divediwa.com
Please kindly provide your detail information such as Full name(As per in Passport), Contact Number, Address, Contact Email. Once we received your email, we will contact you soon.


DIWA has ISO standard and full sets of course materials. If you are interested to become our regional agency/person, please contact: hq@divediwa.com


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