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Let's Professional Take You Diving

DIWA instructors are very experienced, professional and value diving safety,we accept companies, associations, and government organizations to sign up for our diving training courses, we can arrange excellent instructors to guide you a fun and safe diving, register with us now:

DIWA UW Photography

Unlike ordinary photography courses, underwater photography courses requires more professional knowledge. DIWA has excellent underwater photographers in the industry. Our underwater photography course has 3 learning levels, Level 1 to Level 3. We can definitely give you the best learning experience. To register for our underwater photography course, please contact: hq@divediwa.com


Instructor Development Course (IDC)

DIWA provides professional Instructor Development Course (IDC), which DIWA Instructor Examination (IE) is also a unified examination, professional qualifications are recognized by the industry. We welcome divemasters to register to DIWA Instructor Development Course, If you are interested, please contact: hq@divediwa.com


If you are interested to DIWA other courses, please contact: hq@divediwa.com

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