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Privacy Policy


DIWA is committed to respecting the privacy of customers, persons making inquiries and visitors to the DIWA websites, www.divediwa. This Privacy Policy covers personally identifiable information that may be provided to DIWA during such interactions. As is explained below, the information provided during various types of interactions may be treated differently. Changes to the policy will be posted on this page. Any changes will only apply to information collected after the posted date of any such change. Additionally, information may be provided to governmental bodies and other entities as required by law.


Do DIWA companies use cookies?

DIWA Companies use cookies and similar technologies like pixels and tags to ensure that visitors have the best possible experience on DIWA.com. A cookie is a small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a web server and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. It functions as your identification card, recording your passwords, purchases, and preferences. It can’t be executed as code or deliver viruses.


What security is provided by the DIWA?

DIWA uses a number of security measures to maintain the privacy of the personal information collected. The data are stored in secure databases and are accessed only for the purposes listed within the Privacy Policy.


What information of participant does DIWA obtain?

DIWA may obtain participant name, mail address, telephone number, email address, gender, birth date, certification/participation date, certification level, associated DIWA Member name and member number.


How is the information used?

DIWA participants may be sent program evaluation forms and related correspondence. The information will also be used to send participants the appropriate Training Program completion materials, as well as for research and statistical purposes.


Additionally, participant information may be used by DIWA to promote additional programs and training opportunities. Further, from time to time, participant information may be provided to DIWA Members and industry partners for the purpose of promoting diving, dive training and dive-related products and services that DIWA feel may be of interest to participants. DIWA will not, however, mail to participants who are not individual professional members, for the purpose of directly selling DIWA’ educational products or programs in competition with DIWA Retailers/Resorts. Further, DIWA will not sell, trade or lease student names and addresses to any third party for the purpose of selling or promoting any product in competition with DIWA Retailers/Resorts, except with prior notice and voluntary participation by the individual DIWA Retailers/Resorts.


DIWA may use the information for the purpose of promoting DIWA Training Programs available through DIWA Members; diving; diver recognition; diver conservational programs; promoting the dive business of DIWA Retailers/Resorts; and promoting dive membership. Additionally, DIWA may periodically use the information to sponsor co-op programs with DIWA Retailers/Resorts for the purpose of selling certain non-product items, such as travel.


Participant information may also be provided to nonprofit organizations, for the purpose of its providing environmental information and opportunities.


What information do DIWA obtain when I make inquiries to DIWA?

From persons making inquiries to DIWA, only the information provided by the inquirer is obtained.


How is the information used?

Information obtained from persons making inquiries is used to respond to such inquiries but is not used in any other manner. Information is stored according to DIWA’ normal document retention guidelines and is not provided to third parties.


What information do DIWA obtain when I visit www.divediwa.com?

When someone registers on www.divediwa.com, the following information may be obtained: email address, name, mail address, phone number, personal demographic information, etc. In some instances, registrants may decide what information they choose to provide. Sometimes, however, complete information is needed for DIWA to respond to requests and/or include registrants in contest eligibility, etc.


What do DIWA do with the information?

DIWA may gather information for the sole purposes of identifying visitors, their interests, aggregate demographic data, providing personalized notices and promotions, and improving the site. DIWA will not provide, market, trade or sell the information they obtain from such site visitors to third parties, except in the aggregate as part of statistical reports prepared by DIWA for industry analysis; such aggregate information does not include identifying information. An exception to this would involve sign-ups for certain promotions, sweepstakes offers, etc. that may include the sharing of certain data with DIWA’ industry partners, for the purpose of providing diving-related information and opportunities.


Do DIWA track IP addresses?

As part of the statistical tracking of www.divediwa.com, information about visitors’ devices and browsers are collected, such as browser version and type, IP address, website referred from and country of visitor.


What about third party links on www.divediwa.com?

www.divediwa.com provides links to other sites as a service to visitors. DIWA is not responsible for either the privacy practices, security measures or data collection practices of these other web sites or for their content. The choice to access these sites is at the visitor’s own risk.


For questions or comments, contact hq@divediwa.com


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To make sure this app can receive push notifications even when it's closed or running in the background, it needs to use the auto-start feature. This means the app will periodically send broadcasts through the system to wake itself up or initiate related launches. It's necessary for providing the functions and services.

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