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Things You Must Know About Diving

Learning diving is learning new knowledge, and the most important thing to learn is diving safety. A good diving training system can teach you a safe way to dive. Many diving training systems in the market cannot provide formal training materials, or instructors are unwilling to use training materials. This is the main reason why diving accidents continue to occur, and divers cannot master complete diving safety knowledge. Many people who just want to try to learn diving will be fooled because they don’t know how the diving industry works, and they don’t know how to choose a diving training system when they choose to learn diving at the beginning. DIWA has prepared some practical questions, hope these solve the doubt in your mind:


(1) Question: How to choose a good diving system?
(1) Answer:
A good diving system must have a complete teaching process and a good teaching system. There will be a complete set of teaching standards that can systematically teach you a safe diving knowledge. You can evaluate whether the system you want to learn is a formal diving system from the following points: (1) Did you use a formal and qualified diving teaching textbook during class? (2) Does the official website provide Instructors qualification check? (3) Is there an examination during class? Or any diving ability assessment mechanism?

DIWA Answer: Good diving safety awareness is very important. DIWA diving courses will definitely provide divers with DIWA diving system teaching materials that comply with ISO standards. The DIWA official website is also has Instructor qualification check functions. The instructor will also provide students written examinations and using "Training Records Form" to assess the students' diving ability. After the class, Instructor will also use the "Training Record Form" to go to the DIWA official website to help students apply for the relevant diver certificate.


(2) Question: My diving instructor did not give me the training textbooks when I was in the class. Is this normal?
(2) Answer:
Not normal, a good diving teaching system will definitely provide students with standard training textbooks that students should use in class.

DIWA Answer: The DIWA diving system has a complete training textbook. Every diving level of DIWA has a training textbook that meets the ISO regulations for students.


(3) Question: My diving instructor used another training organization’s textbook during my diving class, because the logo on the materials is different from the diving training system I studied at. Is this normal? 
(3) Answer:
No, it is not normal, and this is a violation. The formal diving training organization will not allow the instructor to do this. You have the right to ask the instructor to provide you with official study materials that meet the requirements.

DIWA Answer: All DIWA's teaching levels have relevant teaching materials that comply with ISO regulations. DIWA attaches great importance to teaching quality. Only professional teaching content allows students to obtain professional diving knowledge.


(4) Question: The teaching materials used by my diving instructor in class are paper printed out by a printer. Is this normal? 
(4) Answer:
No, it is not normal, for the formal diving teaching organization will not use the paper printed out by the printer as the textbook. If the instructor makes the teaching materials or uses the non-standard printed learning content, it will give some instructors the opportunity to avoid teaching some formal course content which they don’t know how to teach . The content of the regular course might be deleted, which will stop students from learning complete and correct diving safety knowledge.

DIWA Answer: DIWA is a formal diving training agency, and the integrity of learning is very important. DIWA has a complete set of teaching materials for all levels, and the instructor will also use the teaching materials that comply with ISO regulations during class so that students can learn the most correct and safest diving knowledge.


(5) Question: My diving instructor keeps telling me not to ask too many questions during class, and just let me practice diving with him. Is this normal? 
(5) Answer:
No, it is not normal, a formal diving instructor must be able to answer all the questions students face in the process of learning to dive. The instructor’s responsibility is not just to teach the movements.

DIWA Answer: DIWA strictly requires that DIWA instructors must be able to fully master diving theory and practical knowledge. Safety is the most important. It is very dangerous to only understand the movement but not the theory. The responsibility of the instructor is to convey safe diving knowledge.


(6) Question: My friend said that he can dive and asked me to learn diving from him, and the fee is cheap. Should I learn diving from him? 
(6) Answer:
Having learned diving and being qualified to teach diving are two things. It is recommended that you go to a formal and qualified diving instructor to learn diving, so that your learning will be guaranteed.

DIWA Answer: DIWA's diving instructors are all qualified by the headquarters’ designated examiner after passing the assessment. DIWA is also one of the few diving organizations on the market that has a unified instructor examination. DIWA’s teaching philosophy is to cultivate high-quality instructors to maintain high-quality diving training and teaching.


(7) Question: My diving instructor said that he is already a very experienced senior instructor, so just listen to what he says, and there is no need to read any teaching materials. Is this correct? 
(7) Answer:
Incorrect; all knowledge is constantly evolving and learning is endless. Diving expertise will also progress with the times. The content of the formal system teaching materials will also be constantly updated. If the diving instructor cannot grasp the latest knowledge on the system teaching materials, he can only be certified as a "Senior No-Learning Type" instructor, and it is risky to learn diving with an instructor who no longer learns.

DIWA Answer: DIWA attaches great importance to the quality of diving teaching and also provides many internal training courses for coaches to further their studies. In addition to providing coaches with the most professional and up-to-date teaching materials, the teaching materials will also be revised and updated regularly to enhance professional content.


(8) Question: My diving instructor does not have a specialty instructor certificate, but he said that he can issue me with a nitrox diver certificate. Is this normal? 
(8) Answer:
No, it is not normal because a formal diving instructor must have a professional instructor certificate for related courses; for example, an instructor who teaches nitrox specialty course must have a nitrox specialty instructor certificate, and an instructor who teaches a sidemount specialty course must have a sidemount specialty instructor certificate.

DIWA Answer: DIWA attaches great importance to the teaching quality of diving instructors. DIWA adopts professional teaching content. The headquarters also provides internal training courses for instructors from time to time to enhance their expertise.


(9) Question: How can I know that my instructor is a qualified diving instructor? 
(9) Answer:
You can check the official website of the diving training organization. Some diving instructor licenses do not indicate the expiration date, so they may already be unqualified(or have been expelled). Many diving training organizations on the market are unable to provide instructor qualification query function on their official websites.

DIWA Answer: DIWA's official website has a very transparent function to query the qualifications of diving instructors. The official website of DIWA also displays the pictures of our instructors. The validity period of the instructor's qualification is also indicated on the diving license of the DIWA instructor to ensure the rights of students.


(10) Question: After the diving course, my instructor has not issued physical diver certificate (C-Card) to me. Why? 
(10) Answer:
Nowadays, some diving organizations on the market no longer provide physical diver certificates (C-Card) for paperless and cost-saving factors.

DIWA Answer: The DIWA diving organization still provides a physical diver certificate (C-Card), and DIWA official website also provides a function for students to check their electronic C-Card online, which is convenient for students who may forget to bring a physical certificate when going abroad.


(11) Question: I have completed the diving course for almost 6 months, and I know the diving teaching system that I chose will issue a C-Card, but why I still haven't got my physical C-Card? 
(11) Answer:
There are three possibilities: (1) Your diving Instructor did not apply for you; (2) Your diving Instructor is not a qualified Instructor, so he can’t issue you with a C-Card; and (3) The certification system is headquartered in a foreign country, and there may be issues such as international mailing, so you can’t obtain your physical C-Card quickly.

DIWA Answer: The DIWA official website has the function of online inquiries for students' C-Card. As long as the instructor has completed the online application process, you can check online to obtain your electronic diver's card (C-Card) in the next second. DIWA's certification process is fast and transparent. The DIWA certification headquarters is located in Taipei, and the certification can be issued within 24 hours of the working day after the application documents are complete.


(12) Question: There are many brands of diving system on the market, so how should I choose? 
(12) Answer:
We want to learn correct and safe diving knowledge. There are more and more diving instructors on the market, but the level of professional ability is uneven. The focus of diving learning is that you can learn the correct diving knowledge, so you should pay special attention to the following matters before you start to learn diving: (1) Does the instructor who will teach  in the class meet the professional teaching qualifications? (2) Do you use formal and qualified textbooks during the class? (3) Is the content of the class textbooks sufficiently professional? (4) Does the learning process meet your learning goals? and (5) Does the system headquarters provide professional online and offline customer service?

DIWA Answer: DIWA is a German professional diving training system. It has more than 49 years of diving training experience. It has a complete set of teaching materials for all levels in compliance with ISO regulations. DIWA headquarters continues to provide professional and innovative courses for trainers and students. The customer service staff also provide after-class service for the students, and the quality is guaranteed.


DIWA has complete English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese course materials. Instructors with the same teaching philosophy are welcome to join DIWA family. Contact DIWA customer service: hq@divediwa.com


(13) Question: How do I delete my DIWA APP account?? 
(13) Answer:
You can request us to delete the personal information we have collected or stored about you. To make a deletion request, please contact us through the official email: hq@divediwa.com. To protect your privacy, we will take measures to verify your identity before fulfilling your request. DIWA APP is constantly evolving to provide a better experience for all our instructors and students, and we look forward to welcoming you back here again!.


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